Lumens has been leading
the LED Technology Revolution.

Lumens, established in 2004, is a global LED company with LED technology that has drawn attention as a next-generation light source.
As Lumens made success in mass production of LED BLU modules for LCD TV for the first time, we had explosive growth in display area such as TV, laptop, mobile, and also expanded our business area to lighting and automotive LED.

Lumens is preparing for new LED Technology revolution.

The next-generation display technology, Micro LED, is a micro-scale LED realized below 100 micrometers. Micro LED has no limitations on the size, shape, and the resolution of the display, and has superior light emitting efficiency and durability compared to OLED.
Lumens will lead the next-generation display industry by successfully mass-producing Micro LEDs, prosecuting both micro-scale products and supersized display business.

In addition, with the convergence of LED optical technology, Lumens has thoroughly prepared future business by exploring new business such as UV LEDs, plant growth, smart automotive electronics, and developing innovative products.

The history of Lumens has been a series of ‘innovation’ and ‘challenge’. In order to create value beyond LEDs, Lumens will step forward to become a world-1st global technology leader by continuous market-leading research and development.

  • TOP 10

    Global LED Company

  • TOP 2

    LED for TV Backlight

  • FIRST 1

    Silver-Free Flip Chip

  • FIRST 1

    5630 LED for Lighting

  • + 1200

    Patents regarding LED and AC Operating Technologies

Main Business

  • Micro LED Biz

    For large format displays
    Micro LED
    Micro LED for HUD

  • Strategic Biz

    UV LED
    Iris scan LED

  • Lighting Biz

    LED Package, LED Module

  • IT Biz

    BLU for TV, Monitor
    LED for IT applications

  • Automotive Biz

    Turn signal lamp,
    Tail lamp, Daytime running lamp,
    Head lamp, Fog lamp,
    Room lamp


Company Name Lumens Co., Ltd
Establishment Year 2004
Representative Kevin LEE
Address 12, Wongomae-ro, Giheung-gu, Yongin-si, Gyenggi-do, Republic of Korea(17086)
Business Field LED components manufacturing
Core Technology MLD / MLP / Ergon COB/ Eggdrop