Wireless bonded LED technology, often referred to as “flip chip”, offers several key performance benefits over traditional SMT (Surface Mount Technology) LEDs including enhanced durability, enhanced heat dissipation and superior light performance Flip chip LEDs provide superior light performance compared to conventional LED technology.
Higher light oulput is achieved in a more compact space and the light performance is not disrupfed by shadows or other obstacles to consistent performance.
With wireless bonded technology the chip can directly emit light from the top and the side with no wire bond casting shadows or creating uneven light distribution, providing 15% more light output.

Flip-chip, the Ultimate reliability !!

No wire Bonding,
Better Robustness !!


70% of COB quality issue coming from wire bonding?

It is reported 70% of COB quality issue comes from broken wires which connect blue chips each other.
Based on the cutting edge Flip-chip technology, Lumens Ergon COB does not require any type of wire bonding. Unlike the traditional lateral chip COB, Ergon COB is free from any potential damage from wire bonding. Saving cost without wire bonding also provides you better cost position.

Lower Heat Resistance,
Longer Lifetime !!


Built on the World’s First Silver-Free Flip Chip technology, LUMENS Ergon COB performs better heat dissipation shown in the picture above. LUMENS Ergon COB have up to 30% longer lifetime and better reliability against lateral chip COBs.

Super Reflectivity !!

 >5% higher reflection than other materials


Super Reliability !!

 Superb reliability provides excellent lumen maintenance, especially at high power.



MLD is a new technology that replaces the existing POM(PKG on Module) technology, with LED module COM(Chip on Module) technology by LUMENS. MLD is an array configuration that implements microscopic LEDs at 0.8mm pixel pitch, without bezel(expandable). And shows excellent response time with high reliability(Flip-chip applied) and better contrast, brightness.


*COM (Chip on Module)

Lumens’ new technology of RGB Flip chip on modules provides a better display resolution and high reliability.


The new COM (Chip on Module) technology of Lumens is the groundbreaking solution for the limit of resolution of the current POM (Package on Module) technology. With the elimination of the main defection of LED (wire bonding), the Flip chip technology of Lumens displays a higher reliability.

AC Direct

· Runs directly on AC power

· No converter >> No defection from converter

· Zero defection recorded

· Innovative flicker free technology

· Low percent flicker (>20%)


Perfect Uniform Dimming Control (Triac)


Lumens provides soft and natural dimming
by controlling al LEDs simultaneously
while others are the sequential lighting system.

Perfect Uniform Dimming Control (Triac)


Lumens provides excellent flickerless performance
while normal AC LEDs are vulnerable to the flicker.